Spring 2021 Westfield Pickleball League Rules

  1. Please follow State of Massachusetts and City of Westfield guidelines for safe play and social distancing. See: https://www.cityofwestfield.org/covid19 and https://www.mass.gov/info-details/covid-19-updates-and-information
  2. Each week teams will play another team in their tier. If there are an odd number of teams in any tier, one team will get a “bye” each week.
  3. One player from each team must play each match for it to count. One sub per team per match may be used if a player is unavailable.  Subs must be players in the same league.
  4. Ideally matches are to be played at the times scheduled and on the court specified – unless all four players agree to play at a different time. If a player cannot make a scheduled match, they should try to get a substitute to play first – before asking to reschedule. There are some teams who may have trouble playing 5:30 matches due to work schedules. It would be appropriate to coordinate with the other team in advance and play at 7:30 if possible. Players should arrive a few minutes early to get organized and warmed-up.
  5. In case of bad weather or other conditions that may affect play, matches should be rescheduled at a time that is agreeable to all players. All matches must be played by the Friday of the last week on the schedule.
  6. Each match shall be three games to 11 win by 2.   One point is awarded for each game won. The first team listed on the schedule shall serve first the first game. Their opponent shall serve first the second game. The team with the most points combined for first two games shall be given the option of serving first or second in the third game. The first serving team for each game shall take the side of the court closest to Franklin Street. Any player may ask to switch sides in the third game once a team reaches a score of 6.
  7. If a player is not ready to play at the start time, and the match is delayed by more than 10 minutes, the team shall forfeit the first game, and the score 11-0 shall be recorded. If a player is more than 25 minutes late, his/her team shall forfeit the second game.
  8. Teams forfeiting matches will receive 0 points, and their opponent will receive 3 points. Scores will be recorded as 11-0.
  9. A league score sheet will be posted in the shed.  The winning team shall be responsible for recording the scores on the bulletin board in the shed after the match.
  10. The schedules will be posted on the Facebook site, WestfieldPickleball.com, TeamReach, and in the shed. They will also be emailed to participants.
  11. All matches shall be played with the official game balls provided by Westfield Pickleball League.
  12. USAPA rules will be followed. You can review them online at https://www.usapa.org/rules-summary/
  13. According to USAPA Pickleball Rules, all balls are presumed to be “in” unless they are clearly “out” and called “out” immediately. NOTE: according to Rule 6.D.12, calling “out” or “let it go” or other phrases before the ball bounces is considered “player communication” and does not stop play.
  14. When serving, all lines are “in” except for the “kitchen line”. See this nice video for clarification: https://bit.ly/PickleLines
  15. When a ball, player, duck, or other such object enters your court space (including space around court) during a rally, the play should be stopped and replayed. Any player may call “stop” to ensure the safety of all players.
  16. The League Committee does not want to receive complaints about rules or specific calls. The four players on the court have to figure things out. There is no “playing under protest” or other such accommodations that would change the results of a match after it is completed. This is not the World Championships. We’re all here to have fun and get some exercise.