About Westfield Pickleball, Inc.

In 2018, a group of individuals got together with the determination and purpose of requesting the City of Westfield to renovate the old unusable clay tennis courts at Municipal Playground on Greylock Street into pickleball courts.   With dedication and perseverance by attending City Council meetings, meeting with the Mayor and various departments within the City, letter writing, emails, etc., they were successful in their efforts.  In August 2019, the six pickleball courts plus one multiple use court were installed and dedicated on September 22, 2019. 

During this process, an Advisory Board was formed to assist in the planning and installation of the courts as well as to work with the City departments to request approval for open play, league, and tournament play at Pickle Park.  

The Advisory Board formed Westfield Pickleball, Inc., as a non profit recreational organization, 501 c (7), and incorporated with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts on April 27, 2021.   It’s Articles of Organization and Bylaws are posted on the Westfield Pickleball website. The Advisory Board began with the motto  “Pickleball for All” which continues to be the motto of Westfield Pickleball, Inc.

The purpose of Westfield Pickleball is: pleasure, recreation, education, and other non-profit purposes to enhance the health and welfare of the general public by encouraging, organizing and promoting the public’s engagement in the sport of pickleball in the Greater Westfield (MA) area and beyond.  The mission is to encourage, organize and manage participation in local pickleball open play periods, men’s/women’s/mixed league play and other competitive tournaments and events. 

As a non profit recreational organization, Westfield Pickleball is the entity that presents requests to Westfield Park & Recreation Department for approval of open play, league, and tournament play.

Membership is one of the requirements as a non profit recreational organization. We have 100+ members in Westfield Pickleball, Inc.   The two main benefits of membership in this organization are voting rights and insurance coverage through USA Pickleball.

Westfield Pickleball, Inc., has obtained liability insurance through USA Pickleball and a copy of the Insurance declaration page is posted on our website.   This insurance not only provides Westfield Pickleball liability insurance, but also provides medical insurance to each member to up to $25,000.00 per incident.